Sara Escobar Mexico. My photographic and video work...

Sara Escobar

Mexico. My photographic and video work focuses on identity, social justice and human rights on Latin America.
I’m a VII Academy 2022 Fellow and member of FotoFeminas and Women Photograph platforms. I am also part of Up Next 2022 at Diversify photo.

I have a Communication Sciences Degree and a Documentary Cinema Master Degree (UNAM). I was part of the International Photojournalism Workshop at International Journalism Institute Jose Marti at La Habana Cuba in 2007. I was also part of the Contemporary Photography at Center for the Image in 2013. I have studied different workshops with Andrés Garay, Jon Lowenstein, Sebastian Liste, Christopher Morris, Keith Dannemiller, Emilio Morenatti, Darío López Mills, Eniac Martínez and Joao Moreira Salles.

I founded Tortugas al Viento next to Pablo Ramos. It is an independent filmmakers crew, where we have produced and photographed short films, news and storytelling videos published in international media such as AJ+, National Geographic, Business Insider, Hearst Media, MSNBC, Xinhua and RNW. I have also worked for NGOs such as the Truth Comission for Guerrero State, Greenpeace, GIZ, ONU and AMEXCID. From 2005 to 1012, I worked as a camera woman for Milenio TV, Fremantlemedia, Canal 6 de Julio and the Chamber of Deputies, and as a photojournalist for Milenio Diario.

My first documentary film "To enlist" was recognized with the Jose Rovirosa Award for Best Student Documentary in 2014 and the Young Collective Medium Length Award at Santiago Alvarez in Memoriam Festival (Cuba) in 2015. My photographic work has been collectively exhibited in different parts of the world: 2019. Mexico City. Desde nosotras, 2017. EUA. Enamorados de la Mujer Barbuda. Ciudad de México. Fotografía Contemporánea,  2016. Chile. Sin título, ca. Programa cultural Tierra Adentro, 2015. México. Todo por ver, 2010-2011. México. La ciudad y sus quinceañeras.  

Sara Escobar

Documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Mexico City.
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